Entry #1

The 5 second film collaboration!

2009-06-04 11:30:02 by Lixu1

Hey guys,

I have joined the 5 second film collaboration, and I am finally done with my entry. I'm pretty much new to this fullbody tweening and lip syncing, so it's not outstanding, but as long as my entry gets placed at the end it will fit just perfectly fine.

So, as I have said, I'm into lip syncing and tweening fullbody lately. Especially JohnnyUtah is a big inspiration to me. I really love his Tankmen. I just wish he would make a tutorial or write a journal with some tips on how he makes Tankmen animations. Or if you have any tips by any chance do not hesitate to drop a comment with some of them here, greatly appriciated!

Sadly, not only Tankmen inspired me, but also this video.
So I tried to do some frame by frame fullbody, but oh my gosh that's one hard thing to do! Unbelieveable! I can not understand how people from Naruto, Ippo, Dragonball Z etc. etc. pull such gigantic saga's and serie's off their hands. I might get into animation school but I'm not sure.

Oh and please don't forget to go to my DeviantArt page's. I have two accounts to keep things tidy, one for animation and another one for art.

Well, that's about it.


The 5 second film collaboration!


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2009-06-04 12:38:31

Ok so I have an obsession with the ? and I'm ok with you deleting it and posting back with the ???. By the way Tankmen is awesome and I'm to lazy to watch anything so I did not watch your other inspiration. Good luck if you decide to go to animation school

Lixu1 responds:

Thanks I guess, well, that video was an amazing street fighter animation.


2009-06-09 14:45:27


Responed in a satiric fashion BTW.

Bloody lovely work I must say.

Lixu1 responds:

Thank you very much, kind sir.


2009-06-18 12:57:36

You just get the fuck away from me. Aight? ;)

Lixu1 responds:

And who are you? ; )


2009-07-07 22:29:40

lol. Hope you do well on that collab you got going.
but I thought the 5 second film collaboration already came out?
or was that the 5 second film COLLAB?
i dunno.
good luck

Lixu1 responds:

It's already out, next time check the date of the journal